We live in a chaotic business world, where people are immersed in a survival-of-the-fittest rat race, requiring them to evade a complex maze of distractions, bad habits and time wasters to reach their goals.

What usually happens is the person who dreamed of greener pastures and a business beyond their wildest dreams, becomes so immersed in one problem after another, that it removes any joy whatsoever in building a successful business in the long term.

So, what separates the so-called business winners from the rest? Why will eight out of every 10 businesses fail in the first 18 months of operation? What are the other two out of 10 doing so differently than the rest? And how is that only four out of every 100 businesses are still around after 10 years? What are the factors that lead to the 96 percent failure rate in business over the long term?

The answer is simple! It is all about how you work. Are you going to work harder, or are you going to work smarter? If you have read the “4 hour work week” by Tim Ferris you know how to work smarter. Working smarter is all about delegation. What to delegate and who to delegate to. Delegation keeps you working on your business and not in your business.

Did you know that 96% failed businesses, 66% of those fail because the business owners are stuck working in their business. They were more concerned with the day-to-day tasks and marketing and the bookkeeping, that they forgot how to perform the tasks that made them start their business in the first place. The other 34% of failed businesses fail, because they aren’t working at all.

Hiring a Online Business Manager would keep you from being a business statistic. Here are just a few things an Online Business Manager can do for your business:

Outsource and manage all your business needs from hiring the right virtual assistant for the day-today administrative tasks to the right bookkeeper to handle your business finances. Graphic artist to create all marketing material and website graphics, book-covers and product launch materials. Website development, software development. An online business manager can outsource and manage all your email marketing campaigns, sales funnels, and manage all affiliate placements and income.

Work smarter not harder and keep your business thriving with an Online Business Manager to oversee all your business needs that you do not have time to attend to or even want to attend.

If you are interested in what an online business manager can do for your business, please schedule your FREE Consultation with our team of Office Managers and take your business to the level!

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